Saturday, February 28, 2009

Confessions of a domesticholic?

I love my saturdays here. Why? Because it's the secon laundry day of the week (first is wednesday) and the day i get to do my marketing and groecry shopping for the week ahead. I know, 'Is she nuts?' No, well, confession is it's one of the days of the week which reminds me most of home.

Fortunately for me, Victoria Market is a paradise. I would say it beats Malaysian markets in almost every aspect. There's a huge range of food and things you can here,from essentials like meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits-fresh and dried, breads and confectionary, cheese and dips, clothes, souveineirs, pots and plants, etc. They even have wine tasting stalls.It's wise to go on Saturday afternoon, from 2-3pm because that's when the sellers slash their prices by 30-50%. The nearer you get to 3pm (sometimes even after),the lower the price will go. Hence,don't be too disappointed to see a stall selling 1kg grapes at AUD$1 when you've bought yours at AUD$3/kg. I still get that 'WHAT?!' moments, but really, just get on with life. Speaking of grapes, the grapes are reallllllly cheap. I saw a stall selling a box of green grapes for $3..and i think it's more than 3kg! Also, they sell stuff by the kilogram but not to worry, so far i think they're quite honest with they're weighing system. Though, my friend did warned me of some arrogant, cunning sellers. Another good tip is to first walk one round and mentally taking down notes of the prices (this is when you put your photographic memory skills to practise). By doing so, you can avoid the 'WHAT?!' moments mentioned earlier on. Unless you're rushing for time, i sincerely encourage adopting this habit.

It is also good to go with a bunch of friends because it's cheaper to buy in bulk (duh!) and share amongst yourselves. Marketing can be mentally and physically exhausting, so , I like to treat myself (and my marketing buddy) to Churros (that's Spanish doughnuts) at the end of my marketing trip. You'll find this at the far end of the market, in a white van. Haha. Another good recommendation by Yik Han! Oh, another famous food in Vic Market (by my observation) is Bourek. It's basically a flat pie with either lamb, beef or spinach filling. Very similar to Taiwanese 烧餅. I've tried it once but I think the Cheese and Spinach were too salty so it didn't leave me craving for more.

I wish i could post some pics here but my internet speed is excruciatingly slow... hopefully i can one day. =)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Away without leaving.

No, it shouldn't be that way. I shouldnt look at it from that angle. You're working hard to save money and I had no right to sulk and pout. Besides, how can we actually have fun sharing our lives together if I were to intentionally sulk like this?

In fact, i'm going to text you now to see how you're doing.


I have been going to bed at 3am in the morning and tossing and turning in my bed till 4. I have no idea what's your day been like and neither do you know mine. I must be matured, i tell myself. You did mention that you have night practises and recordings, and i did wait out of free will. I could be immature, and pout, but that will only make you feel bad after a tiring day at work, so I try to sound as happy as I can be. I have the immature urge to not wait again tonight but we haven't really talk in the past week that doing so would only make it worst. Long distance relationship is hard enough to maintain and unneccesary pouting and sulking would only make it worst. Yet i miss you a lot and the daily generic text heartfelt and meaningful as they may be, seem to be growingly pointless. Now we say it in capital letters to emphasize the growing affection and longing... but this will not survive on that alone. Your life, mine, this relationship is not a daily news feed that i can sign up on my mobile.

I enjoy my life here and I have a million exciting things to do. I know feeling miserable will not make it any better. And I dont want to say I LOVE YOU in caps, because it's not how i'm feeling. In fact, all i can mutter is, i miss you. In a silent, resilient, painful, pitiful way that comes out in a sigh. I'm not excited, i'm not inspired and i need to talk to you tonight.

I can try...

Lately, as anticipated, I find myself being extracted from my comfort zone and dipping my foot into unfamiliar waters. Things like working with a stern new boss, possibly taking a second job making sandwiches and brewing coffees with no prior experience, or going for a drama casting audition... sorry, a CANTONESE speaking drama casting audition.

Such circumstances force me to question my capability of handling these challenges, and every now and then I get bitten by the fear bug. In times like these, I pause for a minute, catch my breath and tell myself, don't worry girl, have more faith and give it go. The worst thing that could happen is failing, and failing comes before success so it's not the worst thing either! I pester myself like a little child and cling on tight to my motto that the willingness to learn comes before any skills nor experiences. Everyone started somewhere. That stern boss who runs this accommodation must've gone through the same sort of struggle before being this successful. The sanwich artist behind that bar must've thought foccacia is a type of vegetable, or mispronounced it as foe-kah-SIA. Zhang Ziyi couldnt speak a word of english before landing that role in the Oscar nominated 'Memoirs of a Geisha'.

Every tree grew from a little seed and the thought that it all comes from God comforts me.

I may not have done it, I may not be able to do it but I will not live this life just guessing what i may or may not do.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

等 . 不等 ?




你,還在練習. 還在開會.

等? 不等? 我等了.

明天才談吧... 晚安...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I woke up at 6am yesterday morning to prepare for our online timetabling session. We were warned (and frightened) by our program director, Mr Bruce Barryman, that it is vital to be up early in order to get into the classes we want. I've drawn up my timetable so that I get Wednesdays half-day off; thursdays and fridays completely off so that I can work. 'Kiasu' as it may sound, I didnt want to 'risk' any chances of me rearranging my time again so I had to stand guard. Fortunately it didnt turn out as scary as forewarned and I managed to generate a timetable as set. Yay!

Then I worked out my own timetable which included working and workout times. I like planning ahead but a lot of past experience told me that sometimes things really do not go as planned. Hee... a lot of factors can influence the outcome such as lack of determination, unforeseen circumstances, etc. Nonetheless, I wish to adhere to my plan as close as possible. Play hard and work hard at the same time!

Melbourne's weather is still like a woman's menopausal mood swings to me. Unexpected, unstable and at times unnerving. I really learned a lesson to check the weather forecast first before going out to prevent being over or under dressed.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

City Walkers

Shuffling feet, two lazy slippers
sneakers, peep-toe pumps, Bally
halted at a junction, red lights
a distinctive mission.

A cough, an impatient sigh
a ticking clock, a blaring earphone
a map, a wandering mind.
halted at a junction, red lights
a nervous reaction.

A nod, an acknowledgement
a tight smile, an indifferent stare
a clutch of a purse
halted at a junction, orange lights
a cultural glitch.

A home, an office
a classroom, a corner of the street
an unidentified destination
halted at a junction, green lights
an isolated home-
the city.

The new kid on the block

I hate to do recaps but i've been here for close to 2 weeks and this blog is screaming UPDATE! It's like a ticking time bomb i can't ignore. I hope I have not lost half of my readers yet... (crossing fingers tight!)

I would reckon the question most of you would be asking me is, how are you doing? Well, I would say i am settling down fine thanks to the heaps of help i get from my friends---Yik Han, Jessie, Yan, etc etc. This new kid on the block is slowly yet steadily nestling into Melbourne's warm blanket (I still get fidgety over unsettled matters like my Internet connection and part time jobs though but it's just typical me....anyone who knows me long enough know that i have this itch when things aren't settled). About a week ago, I slept on the benches of Melbourne airport for a night with my backpack as pillow. Now however, I can slip comfortably under my warm down-feather Ikea quilt every night in a decent small room i call home. I've made my way around the city and got slightly terrified by it on the third night. I've been to the Market, done my weekly grocery shopping at the local supermarkets. Been to Ikea, Richmond to hunt for my quilt and duvets. Been to the summer night market which is the biggest international food fair i've ever visited in my life! Been to the Southbank promenade along the Yarra River where a wide range of alfresco restaurants and the Crown Casino is situated at. Drank hot chocolate, chilli chocolate, ate Spanish churros and the famous (i was told) Greco cakes. Ate homecooked dinner at a new frien'd apartment. Took adventurous yet scary lone walks at Princess Park at night. Toured around my Uni, drawn up a timetable, selected my Major and courses.... all these in less than 14 days, I would say, I am fitting in more than alright.

Of course, half of these eye opening experiences would've been impossible if not for friends like Yik Han who makes sure I am not left out.

It's a huge baby step, dont you think? =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


For the first time in my life, i am blogging from a foreign town, a foreign city and a foreign country. I am stuck in an unfamiliar room, with unfamiliar faces and an unfamiliar anticipation towards life as I start all over again from scratch. Though it is the beginning of many new things, most pieces from the past stay with me and continue to drive me intrinsically. Natures and habits my parents instilled in me that i am now grateful for, personal lessons that i've picked up along the way that shapes who i am now and my ever enduring inborn characteristics-are elements i now appreciate more than ever to keep my sanity ; and to leave an distinctive mark of me on this multiracial canvas called Melbourne. For i now live and breathe the air, i blend into daily lives, i make up a tiny fraction of their population and demographics, i consume and consequently contribute to their resources. I am for the next two years, steadfastly ME yet no longer Just me.

Thus, i chose the name readme-Exodus for this blog. Exodus is the second book in the Bible and thus mark the second phase of my life, as I strive to graduate from adolescence to adulthood.

Thank you for staying faithful...and don't worry, this is the Prologue. The following threads wont be this serious and sturdy i promise. =) Or i will try.