Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Questions I Hate Answering

These are questions I really don't like answering these days, especially coming from certain someones:

1. Where did you go?

2. What are you going to eat later?

3. What are you going to eat tonight? (at 3pm)

4. What did you eat just now? (See how annoying this is? and they're all coming from the same person)

5. So, what are you going to do now?

6. How's your holiday?

7. What are your plans this holiday?

(ok, these two questions i dislike because it has been asked by too many people,too many times already and even I am guilty of posing these questions)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Really Jacko, it don't matter if you're black or white.

I've been contemplating to publish this post for a while because i know that what follows is nothing but of redundancy, and to a slight extent, conformity. But they say if you beat 'em, join 'em, hence this is my personal tribute to the King of Pop, with full awareness that, like all Greats, his passing does not signify the end of his reign; but the beginning of a whole new chapter on the domination of the King in the world of Pop-culture.

It was the early morning of Friday, 26th of June 2009, that the news of his death that I witnessed via the tube caused my teeth to clatter against my coffee cup. The headlines that shouted, "Michael Jackson dies of cardiac arrest", followed by the image of a hoard of reporters gathering around the King on stretches jolted me up from my half-sleep. Of course, i noticed the trailing subheadlines at the bottom that read," Farah Fawcett dies of cancer at age 62", but, even an "Angel's" glory comes second to a "King's" (Yet both lose out in importance to the "Queen" of Hearts. The media frenzy and coverage of Princess Di's death is still unbeatable in modern history.

My earliest fascination (not that i was an avid fan to begin with) with Michael Jackson began when dad brought home the making of Jackson's Dangerous World Tour Video. Those were stll the days of VCR and I was actually excited over the fact that I was able to watch videotapes other than Beauty and the Beast and Lion King. STill, it was my very first exposure to Pop culture. Much to my mum's horror, i watched the moon-walking, crotch-clutching King of Pop glide across the stage, as fans across the world cried, screamed and pulled their hairs, while others passed out. I still remember gazing starry-eyed at Jackson's shimmering gloves and military jacket, and trying to imitate his "Hiccups" at the end of every line he sings. I have yet to master his 'Owhs' and "Tererrap-Tap-Tap, Terrerrap-Tap-Tap".

It was also the beginning of my fascination with music videos. Now kids, back in those good ol' days, music videos were more than Rappers in oversized T-shirts and Blings that would make you partially blind if you stare too long, spanking the behinds of half naked girls. They were directed by great directors like Martin Scorcese (whom directed Jackson's "Bad" video in case you didnt know. Dont even bother asking me who Scorsese is ok?). Most of Jackson's video had a strong theme and a plot to follow. Even superstars casted in them- Eddie Murphy as the Egyptian in "Do you remember?" and Macaulay Culkin as the boy who blew his own house up in "Black or White". Now, i'm not a super great fan as mentioned before, but i do love his music videos.

Bashfully i have to confess too, that it Jackson who first introduce me to the world of enamour and love making (i am polite enough not to use the S-word at least). His kissing scene with Pharoah's wife in "Do You Remember" left a lot to my 8-year-old imagination to figure out.

This was my earliest memory of Michael Jackson and the impact he made on me (i know i know, everyone's coming out to admit they had a Jackson-phase in their life, why can't I?} It was only later in life that i found out that my mother's version of the King of Pop was vastly different from mine. While the Jackson i came to know was the sleek moving and sensual pop sensation, my mum fondly remembers him as the innocent yet charming young lead singer of the Jackson 5, who melted hearts by belting out to hits like "Ben" and "ABC" in his high pitch, unadultered voice.

I am sure 20 years down the road, my children will be asking me the same question every child in their generation would ask my generation "Who was Michael Jackson, Ma?" And rest assured, just like how my generation came to know about Elvis Presley, see his movies and sing his songs; they will too gaze starry-eyed at the man who moon-walked into their lives.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's it like to come home
and tell someone
about the old man on the train
who kept calling out his lover's name?
What's it like to come home
and tell someone
about a song you heard today
the one about snow falling in May?
What's it like to share a life
not an imaginary life
a life that contains jostling people
shuffling feet, passing trains
tired shoulders, cold hands
a cup of coffee, a stolen seat
blue skies, strong winds
a dream that's too big
you asked me how my day was
and with 15 words or less to spare
i could only tell you
that a bird that flew by
keeping its sharp red beak
and opaque blue feathers to myself
i did more than laugh today
i did more than cry today
i did more than eat today
i did more than sleep today
i did so much more than that
i need you to know, that i
i did so much more than that.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I Have The Sun In My Room

Although my winter break has started and it seems like a good time to go out and about, the cold, chilly weather is not very encouraging. Once i come home, the first thing i do is rush to my room, turn on the heater, and just bask in the comfort of warmness-as if i have the sun kept in room. It's an advantage that we don't have to pay for utilities here at Rooms, it means abusive use of heater!

Still, i am not going to waste my precious winter break. First up my list of things to do are to read the books that I've bought recently, discover more cafes, and hopefully get out further into the suburbs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hi Mum!

Attached is the 2nd semester fee invoice from RMIT. Total amount is AUD x which must be paid before 30th June 2009 .

I think it's cheaper, safer and faster if I paid it through my BPAY (online banking) account. Hence you can just transfer the money to me and I will make the payment. (and no worries, i won't use the money to fly to Bahamas the next day).

On a lighter note, how's your day so far? I have a meeting with my lecturer at 1pm later. After that, it's holiday for me! Wee!! .... Well, more like Brr actually. It's so wet and cold here. =(

Alright, that's all for now. Hope you have a wonderful, blessed day today!


Hi Crystal,

Can do..will direct transfer the money to you in next few days.
Take care...yah and don't fly to BAHAMAS. Dad & koko is fine here.
Had a chat with Dad last nite ...and he happy with koko career and
said his only hope is to that Crystal will marry a decent guy in the
future...that is your DAD ok..funny at times..haha

Karen Ong

My heart plunged after reading mum's reply. As much love, wit and good-intentions it contained, I found myself thanking God that it wasn't a live conversation.

My fingers lay still on the keyboard for a long time, as if my hands were binded by cuffs. But my mind wasn't blank, in fact, on the contrary, they were racing with several answers:

1. I can be a sarcastic,rebelious idiot by replying:
" Thanks mum. Tell dad I agree with him and hope i can marry a man as loyal and faithful to his wife as he is."


2. I can be a wimpy, no nuts wuss by saying:
" Thanks... mum ... I...I am so sorry....and yes, I hope i can marry a decent man and not the rock and roll drug addict i dated back then...what was i thinking? i was so naive mum... you should have slapped me harder..."

or i can i can use the "wild" card and make a "no comment" statement:
3. "Thanks mum! That's great. I'm happy you and dad had a nice conversation. Oh by the way, have you ever noticed that Banana was yellow in colour? I just realised today. How interestig!"

I thought for a while, and in the end simply replied,

Thanks mum, that'd be great! =) Send my love to dad and koko too.

I'm off to clean my room and the apartment now! It looks like a war zone
between paper and books.

Missing you guys much!


It was a safe, earnest answer that combined the elements of all the possible answers above.