Tuesday, October 13, 2009

spiralling words

honestly, i don't feel my feet on the ground.
it's like, i know how to swim
yet i am flapping in the water
i know about the theories, i've drawn a mind map
i have the skeleton, i even have the flesh,
the muscles. but it lacks a heart.

i wonder if birds ever forget how to fly?

* * *

constipated. that's the look i wear on my face these days.

* * *

i woke up at 3am. at 4am. and at 6am. then i gave up sleeping.

* * *

i'm thinking of mum all of a sudden. as jessie was going out to work today,
i got up from my work to say goodbye to her.
i remember jumping out from bed to say bye to mum every morning
i was 6 then
sometimes i would sit beside her and played around with her cosmetics
as she got dressed for work
i can still remember the smell of her La Poem perfume
and her well-pressed shoulder padded suits

* * *

I'm thinking of her
I'm thinking of me

1 comment:

  1. sort of get you for the beginning part...
    miss her? give her a call on the spot! =)