Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Broadcast Future

The TV project screening at Loop Bar on Monday night was eye-opening. It was fun getting together with your course mates at the end of the semester to view the fruit of everyone's labour. Of course, some did better than others, but i think in general, everyone went home with the same goody bag-higher tolerance and a better understanding of broadcast media. Seeing the works of my coursemates really made me feel proud, you can pick up some talents right there and then. However, it is unsettling to note that almost all of the programmes followed a similiar structure of their host programme, each has the same factory manufactured style, structure and content. I know at this stage it is only fair that we follow a basic guideline, because it is about acquiing the basic skills; but still, it makes you wonder if that is why the media content we see today is so saturated yet generic.

I came into this course or even this entire degree having my mind dead set on entering the TV field. Yet two semester later, I am now edging towards radio. I fell in love very much with radio documentaries (I highly recommend ABC 360 and This American Life from Chicago Public Radio). I like the prospect of creating intimacy between the listeners and the talent; I like the idea of being able to provoke the listener's emotions through soundscapes; most of all, i like being able to listen more intently to other people's story and reenacting them on radio. It is a common perception (a misjudgment i'd say) that radio docos put people to sleep, but that is only if you're not paying attention or listening closely enough. The beauty of radio docos is that it allows you to be a more active media consumer. At least the visual aspect is removed, and you're left with your imagination to guide you through media consumption. You're not entirely manipulated though you are still guided within a certain framework.

TV or Radio? I have to decide which to enroll into next semester but thankfully i have the whole summer to think about it... =)

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