Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Genesis of Each Day

I am a morning person and I am not a bit ashamed. I am the opposite of vampires, I am strengthened and ivigorated by sunlight. To me,there is nothing more uplifting than waking up with rays of sun spilling unto your bed, flowing over your cold body like warm golden honey. Perhaps that explains why i love late spring/summer so much because the sun is up and blaring at 7 30am. (In winter, you won't see the sun until 9am). The first thing that greets me when I open my sleepy eyes is the warm exudes of Morning, the Genesis of each day.

I usually wake up with a stretch and a short prayer (if i remember). Dad used to tell us how important it is to verbally 'seize' the day with a positive shout as you jump off bed. Truth be told, he looks a little dorky doing that but if that's what gets him going, what have i got to say.

As for me, one of the things I look most forward to every morning is the most impotant meal of the day-Breakfast. Ok, i'll also be a bit more honest, sometimes it is beakfast that gets me up early in the first place. Unlike back home, mornings here starts off more sluggishly. There's no mounting laundry nor pressing house chores to do. I stretch, weigh myself in my bithday suit, then head off to the showers where I run through a list of to-do things in my head. The warm shower shakes off the last bit of last night's dream left clinging on to me.

Then according to my mood, i'll dress and make up (strictly according to my mood)before making myself a hot cup of black coffee and a yummy bowl of banana porridge (*porridge is not's oatmeal). I'll eat as i do a round check of facebook and emails. Then, i slip into a day's work as the last morsel of my morning bliss melts away like butter under the hot, glaring sun...

The underlying beauty of Mornings is that we all get to start the day on a fresh new page. Whether it is picking up from yesterday's unfinished business, or mending last night's fault, the day begins on a new page. You might have messed things up yesterday, but today you get another chance to set things right again. Much like life i presume. Someone told me that we all make mistakes at every stage in our lives, and in return for the lack of knowledge if offers us, youth pays us by giving us ample chance to redeem ourselves when things go wrong.

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